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FAQs / frequently asked questions

  1. How come I have never heard of Studio Frisson until recently?
  2. If Studio Frisson is semi-private can I bring a project in?
  3. I've got a remote recording to do. Can I rent some of Studio Frisson's gear?
  4. How much does it cost record/mix at Studio Frisson?
  5. Do you still record to analog tape?

Studio Frisson has been around for over 20 years. It was founded by Michel Pépin (who is still the present owner), however, until now it has always operated a private studio. Several respected artists and projects have already recorded at Frisson. Word gets around fast and many people have been asking us for our website, so we finally built it!

Yes, Studio Frisson is open to your projects. The word "private" simply refers to our boutique-inspired service. A similar analogy would be going to a boutique hotel instead of staying at the Holiday Inn. Because of this, we are extremely flexible in just about every way. Just give us a call for more info.

Unfortunately no. You'll notice that our vintage gear is in better shape than most old gear. We take very precautions measures to ensure that our gear preserves its original condition for a lifetime. For that reason we do not allow any microphones or gear to leave the studio.

Pricing is very individual and depends almost entirely on the amount of time you will be needing in the Studio. The best way to find out is to simply contact us.

Yes we sure do. It is amazing how it can contour a drum sound.

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