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montréal’s premiere boutique recording studio : 514-276-6789
Recording Studio
Control & tracking rooms, about our studio and even a little philosophy
  Recording Gear
Microphones, tape machines, Neve & McCurdy consoles, instruments & processors
  Recording Artists
Check out all the artists and their great projects recorded and mixed at Frisson
Studio Frisson a premiere boutique sound recording studio in Montreal, Quebec, Canada providing artists with a private musical working environment, outstanding vintage gear selection and a beautiful rare microphone collection you've probably already heard about. Discovery why artists choose Studio Frisson to record and mix their projects.

Studio Frisson at a Glance /

- friendly boutique-inspired service
- large control room, tracking room + isolation booth
- NEVE 8034-8014 console (40 unit 1073, 88 ch. mix)
- Yamaha C7 Piano, Hammond B3 + Leslie 122, amps
- Pro Tools HD, Radar, 24 track Studer, Elvis tape, etc.
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Frisson Clients /

- Jean LeLoup + Jean LeClerc
- Rufus Wainwright
- Daniel Bélanger
- BetE and Stef
- The McGarrigles
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Got questions? We pride ourselves on our personal boutique-style service.
Please feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to serve you.
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Studio Frisson

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Montreal, Québec, Canada

Studio Frisson in an independantly operated studio.
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